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How to manage chargebacks disputes?

A dispute occurs when you want to argue the chargeback claim with supporting information that validate and ensure that the product was delivered in compliance.

All the information necessary to manage chargeback disputes made can be found here:

  1. Configure IPN notifications on your dashboard and enable the Chargebacks option

  2. Check all the information related to a chargeback using the Get chargeback request

    1. Check if the chargeback can be covered and assure whether any documentation is required, via the coverage_eligible and documentation_required fields, respectively.
It is only necessary to continue with the next steps if:
  • The chargeback dispute is eligible for coverage
  • Documentation is required
  • The term has not expired
    1. Send the documents through the following API method:


    curl -X POST  \
    -F 'files[]=@/path/to/file/file1.png' \
    -F 'files[]=@/path/to/file/file2.pdf' \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer <ACCESS_TOKEN>' \
    Files can be .jpg, .png or .pdf and should not exceed 10mb overall.

    If the documentation has been successfully uploaded, the API will answer with 200 OK, and the documentation_status value will change to review_pending.

    1. Upon resolution, a new IPN notification will be sent so that you can verify the case. Check the dispute using the Get Chargeback method. The coverage_applied value could have taken on one of the possible values:
    trueShows that the decision was for the seller and the money is refunded.
    falseShows that the decision was against the seller and the money is discounted.