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With Checkout API , offer payments with credit or debit cards directly in your store, without the buyer need to be redirected to make the payment.

To integrate the payment method, follow the steps below.

  1. Select Yes to enable the Mercado Pago experience for payments with cards at your store checkout.
  2. Indicate whether you want the buyer to have the option of saving their card information for future payments or using their Mercado Pago balance to make payments. Customers pay faster and you increase conversion using this feature.
  3. Configure the rate that will be paid on each purchase and also offer interest-free installments to your customers.
  4. Activate binary mode when you do not want to leave payments in pending or review status. With binary mode, payments will be automatically accepted or declined.
  5. If necessary, define a percentage discount for customers who pay with Mercado Pago.

Ready! Card payment via Checkout API has been set up and is ready for testing and/or receiving payments in your store.