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Checkout Bricks enables a client-side integration in a modular way through configurable and secure structures with simplified and unified integration. All Bricks have UI component control flows and data validation, which makes the integration process occur from initial configurations, methods and callbacks used by each Brick, in addition to having the following basic characteristics:


The Brick has responsive capabilities in terms of the size within the screen. The Brick will always occupy the space that has been defined for it and will respond when this space changes during its use.



The Checkout Bricks can be instantiated/rendered with different themes and features that can best suit the look and feel of the store. The characteristics of each of the available themes are detailed below. Check Set Theme for instructions on how to change the theme of the Brick



The Checkout Bricks can be instantiated/rendered in three different languages:

  • Portuguese
  • English
  • Spanish

Check Select language for instructions on how to select the language of the Brick.