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Possible erros

Below you will find lists of errors that may occur during Brick integration. Whether they are related to sending variables or communication with external services (Mercado Pago APIs).

Variables passed by the integrator

During the Brick integration process, it is possible that when the Brick is instantiated, different errors related to sending variables may be shown to the integrator. These errors will be shown through a log in the browser console (the buyer does not receive any message).

ErrorMessageCause code
Empty configuration object[Initialization error] Settings object is empty, please pass required propertiessettings_empty
Absence of the property amount (total amount of the purchase)[Initialization error] Amount property is requiredmissing_amount_property
Absence of the callbacks of onReady and onError[Initialization error] Callbacks onReady and onError are requiredmissing_required_callbacks
Absence of an ID of an HTML element that serves as the container of the Brick[Initialization error] You must provide an HTML element ID as a container to allow component renderingmissing_container_id
Absence of the property locale (preferred language)[Initialization error] Locale property is requiredmissing_locale_property
Generic error occurred during Brick initialization, usually some validation that failed due to a value sent by the integrator[Initialization error] Brick incorrectly initialized: {error}incorrect_initialization

Communication with external services (Mercado Pago APIs)

ErrorMessage for the userMessage for the integratorCritical?Cause code
Inability to generate Secure Fields within the Card Payment Brick formAn error occurredThe integration with Secure Fields failedYesfields_setup_failed
It wasn’t possible to get the payment method information according to the integrator's public_keyAn error occurred. Please try again later.An error occurred while trying to search for payment methodsNoget_payment_methods_failed
It wasn’t possible to create the token that represents the card informationAn error occurred and the payment could not be processed. Please try again later.Failed to create card tokenNocard_token_creation_failed
Error when searching for types of identification documents according to the country defined in the MercadoPago.js SDKAn error occurred. Please try again later.Failed to get identification typesNoget_identification_types_failed
Failed to get bin based card informationAn error occurred. Please try again later.Failed to get payment methods using card binNoget_card_bin_payment_methods_failed
Error searching card issuing banksAn error occurred. Please try again later.Failed to get card issuer(s)Noget_card_issuers_failed
Error when searching the amount and the values of the payment installments according to the amount sent by the integratorAn error occurred. Please try again later.Failed to get payment installmentsNoget_payment_installments_failed
Incomplete payment fields for some reason (fees, card issuer, payment_method_id)An error occurred. Please try again later.SOne of the following messages will be returned according to the type of error: * The payment method id is missing * The payment installments are missing * The card issuer is missingNomissing_payment_information