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Change texts


Wallet Brick offers two reading levels: the call to action (button) and the value proposition. In both cases, the text can be customized according to the options provided by Mercado Pago.

To offer a better experience in line with our brand proposal, it is currently not possible to fully customize the texts.
Customization momentWhen rendering the Brick
Propertycustomization.texts.{action, valueProp}
CommentsWhen sending an empty text, the screen will present the text defined by the default layout shown after the rendering of the Brick. On the other hand, when you submit a alternative text, it will replace the default text. To check what the default texts are, check out the table below.

Check below the texts available for alteration and a code example.

KeyAvailable optionsDefault
actionpay, buypay
valueProppracticality, security_details, security_safety, smart_optionsecurity_safety

See the texts related to each option:

actionpayPay with Mercado Pago
actionbuyBuy with Mercado Pago
valueProppracticalityUse saved cards or your account balance
valuePropsecurity_detailsProtection for your data
valuePropsecurity_safetyPay securely
valuePropsmart_optionThe text will be chosen automatically by Wallet Brick to increase the chances of sale according to the characteristics of the purchase.
const settings = {
    customization: {
         texts: {
             action: 'buy',
             valueProp: 'security_details',

const customization = {
 visual: {
   texts: {
     action: 'buy',
     valueProp: 'security_details'