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Cancel reserve

Cancellation of a reserve occurs when, for some reason, the payment for a purchase is not approved and the reservation amount needs to return to the customer's card limit or when a buyer withdraws from the purchase.

For more information about refunds and cancellations of payments, see the section Refunds and Cancellations .

To cancel a reserve, use one of our available codes below.

  use MercadoPago\Client\Payment\PaymentClient;


  $client = new PaymentClient();
  $request_options = new RequestOptions();
  $request_options->setCustomHeaders(["X-Idempotency-Key: <SOME_UNIQUE_VALUE>"]);

  $payment = $client->cancel($payment_id, $request_options);
  echo $payment->status;

import { MercadoPagoConfig, Payment } from 'mercadopago';

const client = new MercadoPagoConfig({ accessToken: 'YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' });
const payment = new Payment(client);

id: '<PAYMENT_ID>',
requestOptions: {
idempotencyKey: '<IDEMPOTENCY_KEY>'


Long paymentId = 123456789L;

PaymentClient client = new PaymentClient();

require 'mercadopago'
sdk =

request = {
status: 'canceled'

payment_response = sdk.payment.update(payment_id, request)
payment = payment_response[:response]

using MercadoPago.Client.Payment;
using MercadoPago.Config;
using MercadoPago.Resource.Payment;

MercadoPagoConfig.AccessToken = "ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN";

var client = new PaymentClient();
Payment payment = await client.CancelAsync(paymentId);

import market
sdk = Mercadopago.SDK("ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN")

payment_data = {
"status": "cancelled"

payment_response = sdk.payment().update(payment_id, payment_data)
payment = payment_response["response"]

package main

import (


func main() {
	accessToken := "{{ACCESS_TOKEN}}"

	cfg, err := config.New(accessToken)
	if err != nil {

	client := payment.NewClient(cfg)

	resource, err := client.Cancel(context.Background(), <PAYMENT_ID>)
	if err != nil {


curl -X PUT \
'' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
-d '{"status": "cancelled"}'


The response will show the following result

"status": "cancelled",
"status_detail": "by_collector",
"captured": false,