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Get cards list

You can consult the list of saved cards for a particular customer. To do so, send a GET with the customer's customer_id to the endpoint /v1/customers/{customer_id}/cards and execute the request or, if you prefer, use one of our SDKs below.

  $customer_client = new CustomerClient();
  $cards = $client->list("customer_id");
  echo implode ($cards);

const client = new MercadoPagoConfig({ accessToken: 'access_token' });
const customerCard = new CustomerCard(client);

customerCard.list({ customerId: '<CUSTOMER_UD>' }).then(console.log).catch(console.log);


CustomerCardClient customerCardClient = new CustomerCardClient();

MPResourceList<CustomerCard> list = customerCardClient.listAll("000000000-abcdEfghiJklM");
List<CustomerCard> customerCards = list.getResults();

cards_response = sdk.card.list(customer_id)
cards = cards_response[:response]

var customerClient = new CustomerClient();
ResourcesList<CustomerCard> customerCards = await customerClient.ListCardsAsync("CUSTOMER_ID");

cards_response = sdk.card().list_all(customer_id)
cards = cards_response["response"]

curl -X GET \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
'' \


The response will bring the following result:


"id": "1490022319978",
"expiration_month": 12,
"expiration_year": 2020,
"first_six_digits": "415231",
"last_four_digits": "0001",