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Go to production

The first step in activating production mode on your store is to enable the SSL certificate on your domain. This certificate is used to increase the security of the data shared by your store, that is, the personal information of your customers.

Many hosting services offer, along with the domain, the SSL certificate. If your domain does not have this certificate, we recommend looking for a service that can help you with the purchase and installation.

For more information, please visit our documentation Requirements to go to production.

With the certificate activated and testing completed, you can take your store out of test mode and enable production mode. This will allow you to make real sales.

Follow this step by step to make the change:

  1. Go to your Wordpress account.
  2. Access your account Dashboard and click Plugins > Installed Plugins.
  3. In the plugin search engine, search for “Mercado Pago payments for WooCommerce”.
  4. Click Configure Plugin.
  5. Click 4. Test your store before selling to display the options.
  6. Under Choose how you want to operate your store, select Sales Mode (Production).
  7. Click Save Changes to finish.

Done! The store is in production and enabled to process your sales.