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Create agreement

The first step in integrating Wallet Connect is to create an agreement, an authorization link that the buyer uses to grant the seller access to their Mercado Pago wallet at the moment a payment is made.

The agreement stores the payment methods selected by the payer and allows for changes to these settings without seller intervention, making this step transparent during the payment flow.

If you wish, before starting the linking process, you can request the Mercado Pago Integrations team to use Sniffing, a feature that allows you to identify if a user has the Mercado Pago app installed on their mobile device and automatically open that app. For more information, refer to the Sniffing functionality documentation.

Any change to payment methods is communicated through a webhook notification, which provides details of the update. For more information, consult the section Agreement payment method update.

A user may have only one active agreement per integration. To create a new agreement, the previous one must be canceled. To do this, send a DELETE to the endpoint /v2/wallet_connect/agreements/{agreement_id} and execute the request. After cancellation, a webhook notification will be sent containing all the details of the operation. To understand the process in more detail, visit the section Cancellation of agreement between integrator and Mercado Pago .

Check out the diagram below that illustrates how the agreement creation flow works.

Create agreement

To create an agreement, send a POST with the necessary attributes to the /v2/wallet_connect/agreements endpoint and execute the request or, if you prefer, use the curl below and pay attention to the request response that will return two parameters necessary to obtain the payer's approval: agreement_id and agreement_uri.


curl -X POST \
    '' \
      -H 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' \
      -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
      -H 'x-platform-id: YOUR_PLATFORM_ID' \
      -d '{
  "return_uri": "",
  "external_flow_id": "EXTERNAL_FLOW_ID",
  "external_user": {
    "id": "usertest",
    "description": "Test account"
  "agreement_data": {
    "validation_amount": 3.14,
    "description": "Test agreement"



  "agreement_id": "22abcd1235ed497f945f755fcaba3c6c",
  "agreement_uri": ""