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MercadoPago.js V2

Version 2 of the client-side SDK has functions based on Promises. In addition, it has a renewed interface for developers and handles errors more efficiently.
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Fraud prevention This version has a functionality that, based on the analysis of the buyer's behavior, identifies if a transaction is fraudulent or suspicious. This analysis is intended to improve the approval of payments. If you wish, you can turn off this feature. Check our [technical reference](

      To install the frontend SDK, you must include MercadoPago.js in the HTML of your application, as shown in the code below.

      <script src=""></script>

      Then, you must add the Public Key of the account you are integrating so that it can be identified when connecting to Mercado Pago.

      const mp = new MercadoPago('YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY');
      Learn more about the Public Key at Credentials