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The reports from Mercado Pago provide financial information to track the movements of your account, such as available balance, transactions, and liquidity. This facilitates the reconciliation of sales and other operations with your internal management systems.

The Available money report was disabled on March 1, 2022.
You can use the Released money Report to reconcile the transactions that affect the balance available in your account, including your bank withdrawals.

Check the table below for more details on the available report types.

Report typeDescription
Released Money ReportProvides the composition of the available balance in your account, with details about the values involved in a specific period. Read the Released money documentation for more information.
Account Money ReportInforms about transactions/movements that have affected your account balance. For more information, read the Account money documentation.
Mercado Pago’s split payment solution sales reportThe Mercado Pago’s split payment solution sales report offers a comprehensive overview of transactions from linked sellers, available for download in csv and json formats. To learn more, read the documentation.