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Opening scheme

The opening scheme allows you to define how the checkout will open for the user. By default, Checkout Pro is opened in a redirect way, that is, with user redirection within the same page.

However, it is possible to customize the opening so that it opens on an external page, for example, or define the modal model, in which Checkout Pro opens in a window within the site itself, without redirection.

It is extremely important to pay attention, when creating the preference, to the configuration of the back_urls because they will be responsible for guiding the return flow to your website when the checkout is completed. For more information, see the Return URLs section.

Redirection scheme to another page

Changing the redirection behavior is done by the redirectMode property, which can assume the values self, blank or modal.

selfKeeps the redirect on the same page.
blankExternalizes the redirect to a new page.
modalOpens the checkout experience in modal mode.

The code blocks below implement checkout in redirect mode to another page.

mp.bricks().create("wallet", "wallet_container", {
   initialization: {
       preferenceId: "<PREFERENCE_ID>",
       redirectMode: "blank"

<Wallet initialization={{ preferenceId: '<PREFERENCE_ID>', redirectMode: 'blank' }} />


Opening scheme in modal mode

To define the modal opening model, just change the redirectMode: 'modal' property during integration, as in the example below.

mp.bricks().create("wallet", "wallet_container", {
   initialization: {
       preferenceId: "<PREFERENCE_ID>",
       redirectMode: "modal"

<Wallet initialization={{ preferenceId: '<PREFERENCE_ID>', redirectMode: 'modal' }} />


The redirectMode: 'modal' property indicates that the checkout should open in modal mode and not redirect.

Direct opening scheme

It is also possible to perform the integration through backend calls directly to the Preferences API. In this model, you will get the Checkout Pro link in the init_point attribute in the response to the API request. From there, just use it to redirect the buyer to checkout.

To define the direct redirection model, insert the code below in your project informing the 1init_point`, field which is returned when creating the previously generated preference.


<!doctype html>
   <a href="YOUR_INIT_POINT"> // Indicate the init_point returned when creating the preference
       Pay with Mercado Pago