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Report fields

You can find descriptions of each field present in the report in the table below.

Collector and NicknameID and nickname of each seller linked to the marketplace.
PaymentIdentification number of each payment.
Status descriptionPayment status. It can be Approved if the payment has already been approved, or Rejected if it has been rejected.
Status DetailDetails of the payment status. For payments with the status Approved, the detail will be accredited. However, for rejected payments, you can obtain three different details depending on the reasons for rejection. You can find out why and how to resolve them in our documentation on improving payment approval.
Purchase orderPurchase order number.
Payment method typeIndicates the payment method used for the purchase, whether it's a credit card, debit card, or other means.
Transaction amount LCGross transaction value.
Created and Approved DateDates of payment creation and approval, respectively.
Marketplace fee amount LCValue of the fee corresponding to the marketplace.
MP fee amount LCValue of the fee corresponding to Mercado Pago.
Total Paid AmountTotal amount paid by the payer, expressed in the corresponding currency.
Net Received Amount LCAmount collected by the collector after deductions (fees, taxes, etc.).