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July of 2023

  • The Invoice Description function will be discontinued
  • From July 28, 2023, it will not be possible to show the description on the buyer's invoice with the statement_descriptor parameter. This means that only the Soft Descriptor field that the user has configured in their account will be used.


    Checkout Pro

  • Sandbox environment in 3DS for Checkout Bricks
  • Before going into production, it is possible to test the integration to ensure that the 3DS flow works correctly and that payments are processed without errors with Checkout Bricks. From there, we provide a sandbox testing environment that returns simulated results only for simulation and implementation validation.


    Checkout Bricks

  • Secure transactions with 3DS
  • Increase the probability of payment approvals and avoid losses from chargeback and fraud! The new 3-D Secure Authentication 2.0 technology is now available for Checkout Transparente and Checkout Bricks.


    Checkout API

    Checkout Bricks

  • API reference: Create payment
  • New bugs have been added to the payment creation API.


    API Reference