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The documentation for Release report and Account balance report has been updated

The documentation for Mercado Pago reports has been updated to provide an even better experience during the reconciliation of transactions.

Among the improvements made, we highlight:

  • Information restructuring;
  • Update of technical content related to API integration (Releases and Account balance);
  • Improvement in technical writing and text accessibility;
  • Standardization of content, enhancing the experience when finding information on how to generate and use both reports.

Now, we have the types and examples of all configurable attributes to create each report via API, both for Releases and Account balance. This way, you can configure them as you prefer!

The new documentation provides you an updated step-by-step guide to generate your reports via the Mercado Pago dashboard and through our API integration.

To learn more, access the documentation for the Releases and Account balance reports.