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Store settings

Once the credentials and payment notifications are configured, configure your store's business information. To do this, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods menu.
  2. Next, access the Mercado Pago > Advanced section. There you will find the fields to fill in according to your business information.
  3. In the Category of your store field, select the category of your store.
  4. In Use Mercado Pago Success Pago, indicate whether or not the Mercado Pago success page will be enabled after sales are made. This page is prepared to display messages for each payment status.
  5. In the Show Discount Coupon field, enable the option to display the discount coupon value in the order details.
  6. If you are a member of the <dev>program, the Mercado Pago developer program, enter your integrator_id as a member of the program. If you are still a member, click here for more information.
  7. In the Log to File field you can enable the option to generate a file called mercadopago.log. This file will be created in your store's log folder (var/log) and will contain the debug module, which will help you understand the module's behavior.
  8. Once the necessary settings have been made, click on the Save Config button in the upper right corner.