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Integrate other payment methods

With Mercado Pago payment API, you can add alternative payment methods for your customers to make their payments.

Payment Methods

In addition to cards, you can offer other payment choices on your website.

Type of payment method Payment method
atm PagoEfectivo

Check the available payment methods

You can check the available payment methods whenever you need.



  $payment_methods = MercadoPago::get("/v1/payment_methods");

var mercadopago = require('mercadopago');

payment_methods = mercadopago.get("/v1/payment_methods");
import com.mercadopago.*;

payment_methods = MercadoPago.SDK.get("/v1/payment_methods");

require 'mercadopago'

payment_methods = MercadoPago::SDK.get("/v1/payment_methods")

using MercadoPago;
MercadoPago.SDK.SetAccessToken = "ENV_ACCESS_TOKEN";

payment_methods = MercadoPago.SDK.get("/v1/payment_methods");

curl -X GET \
    -H 'accept: application/json' \
    -H 'content-type: application/json' \
    '' \

The result will be a list of payment methods and their features. For example, payment_type_id payment methods with ticket as value refer to cash payment method.


      "id": "pagoefectivo_atm",
      "name": "BCP, BBVA Continental u otros",
      "payment_type_id": "atm",
      "status": "active",
      "secure_thumbnail": "",
      "thumbnail": "",
      "deferred_capture": "does_not_apply",
      "settings": [],
      "additional_info_needed": [],
      "min_allowed_amount": 5,
      "max_allowed_amount": 10000,
      "accreditation_time": 2880,
      "financial_institutions": [],
      "processing_modes": [

For more information, check API References.

Receive cash payments

To receive cash payments, just send your customer's e-mail, amount, and payment method.



  $payment = new MercadoPago\Payment();
  $payment->transaction_amount = 100;
  $payment->description = "Product Title";
  $payment->payment_method_id = "pagoefectivo_atm";
  $payment->payer = array(
    "email" => ""

var mercadopago = require('mercadopago');

var payment_data = {
  transaction_amount: 100,
  description: 'Product Title',
  payment_method_id: 'pagoefectivo_atm',
  payer: {
    email: ''

mercadopago.payment.create(payment_data).then(function (data) {

}).catch(function (error) {


import com.mercadopago.*;

Payment payment = new Payment();

      .setDescription('Product Title')
      .setPayer(new Payer(""));;
require 'mercadopago'

payment =
payment.transaction_amount = 100
payment.description = 'Product Title'
payment.payment_method_id = "pagoefectivo_atm"
payment.payer = {
  email: ""
using MercadoPago;
using MercadoPago.DataStructures.Payment;
using MercadoPago.Resources;


Payment payment = new Payment()
    TransactionAmount = float.Parse("100"),
    Description = "Product Title",
    PaymentMethodId = "pagoefectivo_atm",
    Payer = new Payer(){
        Email = ""


curl -X POST \
  ' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{
  transaction_amount: 100,
  description: "Product Title",
  payment_method_id: "pagoefectivo_atm",
  payer: { email: "" }

The response will show pending status until the buyer makes the payment. The payment voucher ID is the same as the Mercado Pago transaction ID.


    "id": 5466310457,
    "status": "pending",
    "status_detail": "pending_waiting_payment",

    "order": {},
    "external_reference": null,
    "transaction_amount": 100,
    "transaction_amount_refunded": 0,
    "coupon_amount": 0,
    "differential_pricing_id": null,
    "deduction_schema": null,
    "transaction_details": {
        "payment_method_reference_id": "123457986",
        "verification_code": "24308767",
        "net_received_amount": 0,
        "total_paid_amount": 100,
        "overpaid_amount": 0,
        "external_resource_url": "",
        "installment_amount": 0,
        "financial_institution": "PagoEfectivo",
        "payable_deferral_period": null,
        "acquirer_reference": null

In the external_resource_url field you will find an address with payment instructions for your buyer. You can redirect or send him/her the link.


Customers have 3 to 5 days to pay, depending on the payment method. After that, you should cancel it.

Cancel payments

To avoid collection issues, you need to cancel expired payments. Cash payments should be paid within 3 to 5 business days, based on their relevant term.

Take into account that you can only cancel payments in process or pending status. If a payment expires after 30 days, the cancellation is automatic and the final status will be cancelled or expired.

For more information, check the Refunds and Cancellations section.

Payment credit times

Each payment method has its own credit times; it is immediate in some cases, while in others, it may take up to 3 business days.

Check credit times by payment method whenever you need to.

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