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Advanced Payments


Before using this API, it is important that you contact your Mercado Pago account executive.


Advanced Payments is an API that allows processing payments with additional functionalities to the regular API of Payments. It currently allows to make Marketplace split payments.

Marketplace split payments

The Split Payment functionality provides a solution for Marketplace payments where the business model requires splitting money among multiple Sellers.


For more information, please view the Marketplaces documentation.

Payment division

  • A payment made by a Buyer that corresponds to a Marketplace, is divided among multiple Sellers.
  • The division is made at the time of payment approval.
  • There is no limit of Sellers to divide the money and the Marketplace gets a commission for each sale made.
  • You can configure who pays the Mercado Pago commission.

Flexibility to apply commission

  • The Marketplace retains part of the sale amount as commission.
  • The commission charged by the Marketplace applies to each payment.
  • This allows having different commissions for different Sellers and in turn different commissions according to the type or category of the product offered by a Seller.

Flexible release of Sellers money

  • At the time of integration, a range of days is set in which the money of the Sellers can be released.
  • The release is set in each payment and can be modified later.

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