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Chargeback management


What is it? When a buyer communicates with the entity that issued his card (a bank, for example) and disclaim a payment made through this means, a chargeback is generated. More information »

The chargeback implies that Mercado Pago will retain the money from the sale until the problem is solved.

Chargebacks can be managed via API.

It is important in this process to mention the key instances:

  1. Occurrence of the chargeback
  2. Consultation of the chargeback
  3. Understanding of coverage
  4. Dispute of the chargeback
  5. Review by Mercado Pago
  6. Resolution

Now we will go into detail in each of them.

Occurrence of the chargeback

Through IPN we will notify you instantly whenever you receive a chargeback. For this to happen, you must be subscribed to the subject chargebacks within the configuration.

Consultation of the chargeback

The IPN notification will contain the ID of the chargeback.

With this ID you can make a GET to



to check your information:


  "id": "43589345903450",
  "payments": [
  "currency": "PEN",
  "amount": 100.20,
  "reason": "fraud",
  "coverage_applied": false,
  "coverage_elegible": true,
  "documentation_required": true,
  "documentation_status": "valid",
  "documentation": [
      "type": "image/png",
      "url": "",
      "description": "File: img.png, Size: 3324"
  "date_documentation_deadline": "2018-12-08T09:50:37.000-04:00",
  "date_created": "2018-09-14T16:20:54.000-04:00",
  "date_last_updated": "2018-11-28T10:48:48.000-04:00",
  "live_mode": true

Understanding of coverage

According to the vendor's operation, your commercial agreement - or both - may vary the coverage policy of each chargeback by Mercado Pago. The field coverage_elegible defines if the chargeback is possible to be disputed or not.

Field Value Description
coverage_elegible false Indicates that the chargeback can not be disputed
coverage_elegible true Indicates that the chargeback can be disputed

In addition, there is a documentation_required field that indicates whether the documentation is required to be uploaded to be covered.

Field Value Description
documentation_required false Indicates that no documentation is required for the chargeback
documentation_required true Indicates that documentation is required for the chargeback

It is only possible to continue with the rest of the steps if the chargeback can be disputed, it is required to upload documentation and the term has not expired.

Dispute of the chargeback

If the chargeback follows the criteria mentioned above, you can send via API the supporting information that validates that the sale occurred. More information »

To do this, you must make a POST to with the following form:


curl -XPOST -F 'files[]=@/path/to/file/file1.png' -F 'files[]=@/path/to/file/file2.pdf'

The api will respond with status 200 OK if the documentation has been uploaded successfully. The response will change the state of the documentation_status attribute to review_pending.


The files may be .jpg, .png, .pdf and as a whole they may not exceed 10mb.

Review by Mercado Pago

Once the documentation is sent, a Mercado Pago representative will review it.


Eventually the chargeback may have two types of possible resolutions:

Field Value Description
coverage_applied false Indicates that Mercado Pago failed against the seller (the money is returned to the buyer)
coverage_applied true Indicates that Mercado Pago failed against the seller (the money is returned to the seller)

When the resolution happens, regardless of the result, a new notification will be sent via IPN so that it can be verified what happened.

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