Mercado Pago's release notes 2018

Each release note describes the new changes applying to a version. This changes may include:

  • API updates: added, modified or deleted resources,parameters or fields in our APIs.

  • New products or features: Launch of tools which will help you accept payments seamlessly.

  • Annoucements: News related to any of our products or future changes.

  • Documentation updates: Guides, references and tutorials to help you monetize your business by integrating Mercado Pago.

December 10 2018

At Mercado Pago we always try to optimize our platform offering the highest efficiency and security in payment processing.

We are currently working on migrating our API version 0 to version 1 in order to maintain the highest quality standards.

After this deadline, version 0 will stop having support.

The migration will involve the following resources:

Use Method Deprecated resource URI Equivalent resource URI
Refunds POST /collections/$payment_id/refunds /v1/payments/$payment_id/refunds
Refunds PUT /collections/$payment_id /v1/payments/$payment_id/
Payment updates PUT /payments/$payment_id /v1/payments/$payment_id/
Payment updates PUT /collections/$payment_id /v1/payments/$payment_id/
Payments GET /payments/$payment_id /v1/payments/$payment_id/
Payments GET /collections/$payment_id /v1/payments/$payment_id/
Payments notifications GET /collections/notifications/$payment_id /v1/payments/$payment_id/
Payments search GET /payments/search /v1/payments/search
Payments search GET /collections/search /v1/payments/search

More information in this article.

September 13 2018

Mercado Envíos feature disabled for Mercado Pago integrations in Brazil

Due to performance problems, Mercado Envíos feature for Mercado Pago integrations in Brazil was disabled.

Mercado Envíos within the Mercado Libre platform will continue to function normally.

Please bear in mind that this change may affect some integrations made previously, in this case we request you contact our support team indicating the accounts with which you operated so that your case can be analyzed in particular.

June 30 2018

  • We are working on the end of support of TLS 1.0 for the domains and with the objective of maintaining the highest quality standards and promoting the security of our clients' data.

  • As of June 30, 2018 we will require that the connections to these domains be through the encryption protocol TLS 1.1 or higher. More information in this article

June 14 2018

Due to a Information Disclosure issue, we'll be hidding some of the payer's contact information for non approved payments.

This means that any GET or POST request over /v1/payments will be giving a response like the following:


    "payer": {
        "type": null,
        "id": 12345,
        "email": null,
        "identification": {
            "type": null,
            "number": null
        "phone": {
            "area_code": null,
            "number": null,
            "extension": null
        "first_name": null,
        "last_name": null,
        "entity_type": null
  • What about Sandbox?: We'll be giving you mock and static values.
  • This changes will have effect over payments off Mercado Libre's platform.
  • This changes will have effect from June 16th.

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