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After receiving the notification

When you receive a notification on your platform, Mercado Pago waits for a response to validate that you received it correctly. For that, you must return an HTTP STATUS 200 (OK) or 201 (CREATED). If this response is not sent, it will be understood that you have not received the notification and a further attempt to send it will be made until you submit the response.

In the table below you can find the main events, deadlines and waiting time for receiving new notification attempts.

EventDeadline after the first dispatchConfirmation waiting time
Shipping-22 seconds
First try15 minutes5 seconds
Second attempt30 minutes5 seconds
Third attempt6 hours5 seconds
Fourth attempt48 hours5 seconds
Fifth attempt96 hours5 seconds

After returning the notification, you will get the full information of the notified resource by going to the corresponding API endpoint:

payment[ID]check documentation
chargebacks[ID]check documentation
merchant_orders[ID]check documentation

Also, specifically in fraud alerts, the order must not be delivered and the cancellation needs to be done through the cancellations API.

In the notification, you will receive a JSON with the following information containing the payment id to cancel.

  "description": ".....",
  "merchant_order": 4945357007,
  "payment_id": 23064274473

You can also get more order information using the Get order api.

With this information, you will be able to carry out the necessary updates to your platform, such as updating an approved payment or a closed order.