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Migration from V1 to V0

As of March 8, 2022 a new version of the signature engine related to the entities below will be available with new features.

  • Plan (identified by /v1/plan in v1 and now by preapproval_plan in v0)
  • Subscription (identified by /v1/subscriptions in v1 and now by preapproval in v0)
  • Invoice (identified by /v1/invoices in v1 and now by authorized_payments in v0)

The new version has a superior architecture with much more functionality and has email notifications sent with each status update at:

  • Subscriptions (creation and cancellation);
  • Subscription charge;
  • Change of plans.

In addition to email notifications, the new version also has Webhooks for plans, subscriptions and invoices.

Unlike Webhooks notifications, which you need to set up, sending emails is automatically enabled by default. However, you can request manual shutdown of this functionality through Integrations.


Migration to this engine is required, as version 1 will no longer be available from March 8, 2022 onwards.

The migration will happen automatically and all migrated plans, subscriptions and invoices will remain active with a new ID. To verify the new migrated IDs, you can use the endpoint below which will remain public at your disposal until July 2022.

Once you have the new ID, you can update your plan IDs, subscriptions and invoices as you wish.

curl --location 
--request GET 'https://api.mercadopago.com/subscriptions/migrations/<RESOURCE>/<ID>

Unique identifier
Unique identifier
We will notify you by email when the due date for your migration is reached. It is important that you schedule and have the changes prepared for the migration, as all Plans and Subscriptions with status cancelled, inactive and/or finished, as well as Invoices older than six months will not be migrated.