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This documentation was designed so that you can perform all the necessary configuration steps to integrate the Mercado Pago plugin with your store on PrestaShop, without having to write a single line of code to install it in your customers' stores.

With the Mercado Pago plugin you can configure the payment using Checkout Pro, where payment is made on the Mercado Pago page (inside or outside your store) with cards (debit or credit) and cash (balance account in Mercado Pago and boleto).

There is also possibility to use the Custom Checkout, in which the payment it is carried out by credit card without leaving your virtual store and the Ticket Checkout, with payments being made in person with cash or boleto.

Another feature of the integration is the possibility to activate binary mode, a feature that allows you to configure the automatic approval or rejection of payments. In addition, users will also be able to pay in your store without being obligatorily registered with Mercado Pago.

Keep your plugin up to date so that you do not lose sales
As of October 2022, Mercado Pago Plugin versions prior to 4.3.0 will be discontinued and will stop working. Also, in April 2022, credit card companies applied international changes to the transactions.Keep your store always up to date with the latest version.
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