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Mobile Checkout

Mercado Pago SDK makes it easy to create a payment experience in your application. You will instantly offer your users:


- Card payments, payments in cash or bank transfer.
- **Financing**: payments in installments with the best possible financing fee.
- Discounts and promotions.
- Communication of payment results.

All our payments are assessed by our fraud prevention tool to minimize the risks in your transactions.

One experience, all platforms

Offer the best payment experience to your users, on Android or iOS.


It is very easy to integrate the checkout:

  1. Include the SDK in your project.
  2. Enter your credentials and create the payment preference.
  3. Start the payment process with a button on your application.
  4. Get to know when a payment is made with the notifications we send you.

Add the dependency to your project

Add the following code in the file build.gradle. Alternatively, you can download the SDK and add it to your project.

dependencies {
   compile 'com.mercadopago:sdk:3.8.1'


If you use CocoaPods in your project, you can add the dependency in the Podfile of the module where you integrate with us with the following code. Alternatively, you can download the SDK and add it to your project.

source ''
# Se necesita este parámetro por ser una SDK en swift
platform :ios, '8.0'
pod 'MercadoPagoSDK', '3.7.2'